What makes CTI different than other physcical therapy clinics?

We have a diverse staff with over 100 years of combined experience.  We are devoted to individual patient care with the most recent and up to date treatment options. Unlike other places that juggle your care among different therapists, we take pride in ensuring you see the same therapist to develop a professional relationship that involves each patient in their own care.  We are also well known for making every effort to accomodate your busy schedule.  Our staff is continually noted for their inviting, fun atmosphere that provides a healthy team approach to your recovery.  We strive to get you back to doing what you love as quickly as possible. 

What should I wear to my Physical Therapy appointments? 

Wear whatever is comfortable and allows you to move freely.  You can expect to participate in some form of exercise and should wear comfortable and appropriate clothes (shorts, sport pants, t-shirt)  as well as footwear (sneakers).

How do I set up an appointment?

There are one of two ways to set up an appointment.  The first is to give the Warren or Erie office (depending on your location) a call to speak to one of our friendly staff members.  The other is to walk into either office to speak directly to us.  Our staff will find you a time for an evaluation appointment right then or get back to you within 24hrs. 

What should I expect from a typical Physical Therapy visit? 

When you walk in you will check in at the front desk and be seen very promtly.  You will be called back for your appointment and treated according to your injury or impairment.  CTI takes pride in seeing that you see the same therapist each visit.  This helps ensure that the person working with you is familiar and up to date on your condition.  By the end of your visit you will be sure to have future appointments set up and kept a part of your plan of care.

Do I need a Doctor's refferal to attend Physical Therapy?

Under Direct Access, most insurances allow patients to attend physical therapy without the referral of a Doctor for up to 30 days.  Just give us a call to check that your insurance allows direct access and to set up an appointment.