Physical Therapy Services-Providing leading edge care from musculoskeletal injuries to complex neurological conditions. We stay current with the research to continue to give the best care to each of our patients.

McKenzie Method- An evidence-based  patient management system proven to eliminate back, neck and extremity pain in fewer visits compared to traditional treatment.  The key distinction is its initial assessment component-a safe and reliable means to accurately reach and diagnosis that will guide an appropriate treatment plan. Rarely are expensive tests required, as Certified MDT clinicians have a valid indicator to know right away whether the direction-specific exercise treatment will work for each patient.

LSVT BIG Treatment- Comprehensive program for Parkinson's patients that helps improve mobility and function.

Aquatic Therapy- We are offering pool based therapy in coordination with the Warren YMCA. Ask about times and availability when you call to set up an appointment.

Lymphedema Treatment- We offer certified lymphedema treatment for the ongoing management of lymphedema related conditions.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)-A functional evaluation for working conditions.

Electromyography Testing (EMG) - Testing nerve conduction velocity and muscle recruitment. An EMG requires no smoking 3 hours prior to testing, no lotion & wearing loose clothing

CTI Fit Exercise Program- This program allows you to continue with exercises on your own while using the equipment we have. We train you to use the equipment, set you up with goals and a training cycle to best fit your needs. The cost is $25 a month or $3 a visit. Open to anyone Monday thru Friday from 6AM-2PM.

Direct Access Treatment- Under certain insurance providers you do not need a doctor's referral to attend physical therapy. Call or E-Mail us to see of you qualify!