Physical Therapy Services:

Providing leading edge care from musculoskeletal injuries to complex neurological conditions. We stay current with the research to continue to give the best care to each of our patients.

LSVT BIG Treatment:

We offer a comprehensive exercise program designed to improve mobility and function for patients diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.  

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE):

We offer a functional evaluation for working conditions.

Electromyography Testing (EMG): Presently only at our Erie location

Testing nerve conduction velocity and muscle recruitment. An EMG requires that you do not put lotion on prior to your evaluation and that you wear loose clothing. 

CTI Fit Exercise Program:  On-hold due to Covid-19

Our Fit program allows you to continue your exercise program after being discharged from your physical therapy program. You will have access to the equipment in our clinic. We provide equipment training, help you create goals, and help you create an exercise regimen that fits your needs. The cost is $25 a month or $3 a visit. Open to anyone Monday thru Friday from 7AM-2PM.

Direct Access Treatment:

Under certain insurance providers you do not need a doctor's referral to attend physical therapy. Call or E-Mail us to see of you qualify!


Telehealth is the act of remote data interchange between a patient and a health-care professional in order to assist in the diagnosis, monitoring and on-going treatment of a patient with a condition that needs attention without direct contact. 

Telehealth Services 

ยท       Video conference: A live visit between a patient and a health professional.