Dr. David Frew

Even though I was 70 years old when I slipped on the ice during the holidays and broke my shoulder, I still considered myself to be an “athlete.” All right I know what you are thinking, “if I really was an athlete why didn’t cat-like reflexes prevent me from falling?” “That’s why they call them accidents,” the doctor at the emergency room told me. The next day my orthopedist mulled over the x-rays and shook his head when I asked how long it would be before I could return to the Downtown YMCA handball courts to continue playing the game that I have loved for more than forty years? “Really,” he asked? “Play handball with this shoulder?”

I received a much different answer at CTI. A hopeful and optimistic prognosis. “If you were playing before the break,” they said, “we think that you will be able to rehabilitate the shoulder.” Thanks to CTI, I was back at the YMCA in three weeks doing gentle shoulder exercises and in three more weeks I began a rehabilitation program that could have me back in the courts in six to eight weeks. CTI Physical Therapy has been “keeping me in the game” sailing, running, skiing, kayaking, and playing handball for more than ten years. When I hurt myself trying to be a “senior athlete” they always “fix me up!” My latest injury, a broken shoulder, was just one more bump in the road for CTI. They had me on a rehab program in three weeks and I expect a full recovery. Nobody does it better.

Fred Backhus

I have been to physical therapy at CTI for multiple reasons.  After three surgeries, the Doctors all required therapy, and when I said I wanted to go to CTI, my Doctors approved this request immediately.  The care was professional and thorough each time.  I wasn't rushed through the therapy, but was allowed to progress quickly when warranted.  My appointments were made to accommodate my schedule.  Very early appointments most of the time, but also other times when the morning appointments weren't convenient.  The entire staff is friendly beyond compare.  I continued with the FIT program and found it very convenient and worth the cost.